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Discovering the heritage of Le faou_Eglise Saint Sauveur seen from Le Faou_crédit Alexandre Lamoureux_validité 2030
Discovering the heritage of Le faou_Eglise Saint Sauveur_crédit Alexandre Lamoureux_validité 2030

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The town of Le Faou is an ancient castral town. Around the year 1000, the castle of the powerful Viscounts du Faou was built on a feudal motte naturally protected by two rivers, near the present-day town hall.
The site is strategic, ideally situated at the end of the Brest roadstead, on the banks of the Ster Coz, the old river. The town benefits from its proximity to the Cranou forest, which provides the wood resources needed for construction. Finally, the town's position on the old road from Brest to Quimper made it an early stopover.
As the seat of the viscounty, the town's administrative life was intense, with as many as a dozen notary offices. In fact, the town was a seneschaussée, i.e. a high place of jurisdiction.
In the early 15th century, the presence of the lords led to the emergence of trade, which provided the town with a source of wealth.
Le Faou was a traditional trading center, with its Grand-Rue, now rue Général de Gaulle, its dozen or so fairs a year and its port, the second largest in the Brest harbor in the 19th century.
In 1971, Le Faou merged with the commune of Rumengol, famous for its church dedicated to Notre-Dame, built on an ancient Druidic site. The sanctuary hosts two major pardons: the Trinité and Assomption pardons.
The town, immortalized on the canvases of painters such as Eugène Boudin, is now seeking to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants, enhance its heritage and maintain businesses in the town center, thanks to various projects such as the paving of the streets and square in the historic center, completed in 2017.

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