The Morgat sea caves, naturally exceptional sites

bewitching and secret

The sea caves of Morgat, exceptional in Brittany


Let yourself be seduced by the charm of Morgat's sea caves: the shimmering colors on their walls, the surprisingly blue water and the centuries-old legends of these places - a true experience!

What are you waiting for to unlock the mysteries of Morgat's sea caves?

Morgat caves - A. Lamoureux

A heritage to discover

A blend of history, nature and geology

The Morgat sea caves represent a geological ecosystem dating back 475 million years. The result of the action of the sea, they are originally faults in sandstone, the typical rock of the Crozon peninsula. Unique in their kind, they are veritable open-air museums. You can admire the surprising colors of their inner walls, and discover the secrets behind their legends.

On sunny days, marvel at the color of the crystal-blue water, the result of the sun's reflection in the caves. 

By boat, paddle or kayak, go treasure hunting in Morgat's sea caves!


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The largest concentration of sea caves in France

Unique in FRANCE

The Presqu'île de Crozon is home to some 446 sea caves. Morgat's caves were praised in the travel diaries of famous 19th-century visitors, including Gustave Flaubert! 

Along the coast, you can find caves accessible on foot from the beach, such as those at Kerloc'h.

Grotte Marine - T. Poriel
Grotte de Morgat - Paco's Eye

visit the caves

Self-guided tour of the Morgat sea caves

kayak, paddle...

Fancy a visit by force of arms? The caves are accessible by rowing or sailing! 

Several rental companies offer kayaks, paddles, catamarans and even motorboats for off-the-beaten-track, self-guided water sports. Some also offer guided discovery trips.

Get up close to the marine flora and fauna without disturbing the environment: kayaking or paddling lets you explore caves in depth, while promoting tourism that's more respectful of these sensitive ecosystems!

Sail to the famous Grotte de l'Autel and the geologists' creek, or to the Grotte du Diable and its chimney. Spend a few hours discovering all the caves' secrets, while enjoying sites that are only accessible by kayak or paddle! 

If you have your own equipment, launch from one of the slipways in Morgat harbor or directly from the beach.

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Sea cave - Vedettes Sirènes

visit the caves

Morgat sea caves by boat

Tours and sea trips

Accompanied by marine guides, come aboard the Vedettes Sirènes for a unique adventure on the waves of Douarnenez Bay. 

Based in Morgat, the company offers discovery tours for young and old. Enjoy walks along steep cliffs and visits to caves, punctuated by mysterious legends told by our guides.

Would you like to discover the Morgat sea caves on board a speedboat? Leave the mainland from the Port de Morgat, sail to the grotte du souffleur and the cheminées du diable, and enjoy a panoramic view of the Kador lighthouse. 

the Morgat coastline

Discovering caves and magnificent cliffs

Take to the sea aboard the boats of the region's best guides and sailors.

Kador cave - A. Lamoureux


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More information

The most famous legend is that of the grotte Sainte Marine on the Pointe du Kador. Reputedly dangerous during heavy swells, the Pointe du Kador and its rocky overhang once formed an arch. Legend has it that this was the result of the divine will of Sainte Marine: in response to the prayers of sailors in distress, she created the arch to enable them to reach a small beach on the port side.

The unlucky ones who couldn't reach it took refuge in the sea-side caves, surrendering their souls to God if the sea got too rough.