Adopt good practices in natural areas

taking care of our environment

Breathtaking but fragile landscapes

The right gestures to adopt

The Crozon Aulne Maritime peninsula is one of Brittany's most beautiful landscapes. But this coastline, these forests, these dunes, these moors... are also sensitive environments that need to be cared for.

Everyone needs to be aware of their impact when discovering these magnificent natural spaces. To be able to admire one of Brittany's most beautiful coastlines, it's essential to follow a few rules to minimize your footprint and respect the nature that welcomes you.

By applying these few essential rules to ourselves, and passing them on to others, we take care of our ribs.

Let's leave nature as beautiful as we found it when we arrived!


Respect the signs and stay on the trail

Some thirty signposted circuits await you in the destination. Respecting the signs means respecting the precious and fragile wild flora and fauna.

We're not in the mountains, we're not off-piste!


I don't disturb local wildlife

Dozens of species share natural spaces, on land, at sea and on cliffs. Observe them carefully, keeping your distance your distance.

If your dog accompanies you, keep him on a leash.


I spend the night with my tent in a campsite

Bivouacs are prohibited throughout the destination. The moors and dunes are not a good mattress for resting. If you're out and about, you'll find campsites, hotels, gîtes... all along the route.


I neither pick nor take anything with me

The flora and rocks will look much better in photographs than on a shelf in your living room. By the same token, don't try to become an architect by piling up pebbles - you'll disturb the insects and molluscs that live beneath them.


If I fish, I respect the authorized sizes and periods.

In Brittany, you can't fish all year round or whenever you want. There are tides and life cycles for shellfish and fish to respect.

Ask at the Tourist Office before you take out your rod and net.


I bring back my waste with me

It may seem obvious, but you'd never dare throw your garbage out into the open. The best thing to do on your walks is to put your garbage aside and dispose of it in the garbage cans provided on your return.


I'm careful around cliffs and don't go near them. near them

Some cliffs and coastlines are friable and can present a fall hazard.

For your own safety, stay on the marked trails and don't get too close to the void.


I don't ride cycling on the coast and the GR34

Cycling is forbidden on all slopes and the GR34. It is too dangerous, and the passage of bicycles would cause too much damage to the path. Numerous alternatives exist, including cycle paths and the voie verte.


I party without a trace

The beach is the perfect place to get together with friends during the day or evening. But after the party, it's time to take home the empty bottles and food wrappers.

It's also forbidden to light fires on the beach, as in all natural areas. You don't need a campfire to enjoy the band's guitarist!