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Discover Brittany's most beautiful beaches, both sandy and pebbly, with their rich biodiversity!

Dunes de la Palue - Emmanuel Berthier
Lostmarc'h Beach
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A genuine nature reserve with the "Espace remarquable de Bretagne" label is located on our territory in the Parc Naturel Régional d'Armorique. Discover these extraordinary sites!

Natural spaces on the Crozon peninsula
English furrow - Alexandre Lamoureux
English furrow
Espace Naturel - Thibault Poriel
Cap de la chèvre
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Take a breath, you're in the Presqu'île de Crozon - Aulne Maritime!

Discover the "end of the world" and its natural and cultural treasures, for a memorable stay where relaxation and well-being will be your guides. Here, the pleasures of sea and land await you: from the banks of the Aulne maritime to the Pointe de Pen-Hir, via the lush green coves of the Rade de Brest, come and discover a wild and authentic Brittany!

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Intense & wild to enjoy the sea air!

Discover the unspoilt nature of the region on unique outdoor family outings. A place of culture and leisure, with a wide choice of water sports, equestrian and sporting activities.

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The rich historical and natural heritage of the Presqu'île de Crozon et de l'Aulne Maritime is undoubtedly the major asset of this area, surrounded by water yet firmly rooted in Brittany, where traditions and a gentle way of life have come together to offer an exceptional living environment to residents and visitors alike, in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional d'Armorique.

Breathe, open your eyes...

Discover the end of the world, closer and more accessible than you can imagine!

The tip of Brittany is full of surprises and charm. Surrounded by water, the Crozon - Aulne Maritime peninsula is a concentrate of nature unique in Brittany.

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