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Weather & Tides

Sun, wind, rain, fog? To help you better organize your stay and plan your favorite activities, find the weather forecast here... And don't forget that in Brittany, whatever the season, the sun shines several times a day!

"Say, does it go up or down?"

High or low? Look no further, you'll finally know!

Would you like to laze on the sand, go fishing or kayaking? Because some activities require knowledge of tide times and coefficients, here you'll find all the information you need, direct from SHOM!

Weather for the next 3 days

10° 15°
Wind speed:
30 km/h
Rain: 4.3 mm
Humidity: 95%
Sunrise/Sunset: 08:57h/17:22h
10° 14°
Wind speed:
19 km/h
The rain: 4.8 mm
Humidity: 97%
Sunrise/Sunset: 08:58h/17:22h
Wind speed:
32 km/h
The rain: 6.1 mm
Humidity: 88%
Sunrise/Sunset: 08:59h/17:22h