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Les Ateliers et Galeries de Camaret-sur-Mer

Camaret's charm and authenticity have long attracted artists.

Gradually, from 1992 onwards, a small colony of designers has sprung up around the port, breathing new life into old houses and shops. Some stop here for a few seasons, others settle here to live year-round.

Today, more than thirty artists welcome you to their studios and galleries to present their work and creations; a varied universe embracing numerous forms of expression and techniques: painting, sculpture, assemblage, drawing, engraving, ceramics, photography, jewelry, etc.

From spring to the first days of autumn, we invite you to take an artistic stroll through the narrow streets of the port. Warm, colorful encounters await you at the end of the world.
Welcome to the city of artists in Camaret!

Painting - Graphic arts

Artists' city

Place Saint-Thomas
29570 Camaret-sur-Mer
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